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The two weeks notice from YokosoNews

 Friday, June 22, 2012

If you think you benefited from YokosoNews, or know someone who has, please (tell them to) read this.

I, Katz, now need to make the important decision to restructure YokosoNews. I would like to share with you and welcome your input and potential help for the next 2 weeks.

Since the East Japan Great Earthquake on March 11, 2011, YokosoNews has been struggled with its future.

Also Katz's personal deadline is approaching to pursue my own ventures.

If you think you can help YokosoNews in any way, please take your time and share your thoughts.


  • We may have to end emergency updates despite the demands from the public 
  • In order to continue emergency updates, we need business partner & financial supports 
  • Katz may need to leave YokosoNews as a job but make it a 100% volunteer project 
  • Or...

"Before and After"

Until March 11, 2011, YokosoNews had been producing the weekly live cast programs. The goal was to welcome people to Japan by traveling, studying or working in Japan. We were planning to conduct fund raising campaign, talking with various sponsors.

James Kyson Lee



However, East Japan Great Earthquake changed the entire destiny of YokosoNews. 



311 Disaster Update

YokosoNews, which started as entertainment social media, gained its fame by reporting the disaster updates, and the situation of Fukushima. Although I am proud of the very informative professional broadcasts, I want to make the distinction that I was not reporting as a journalist.

[You need to know that becoming a journalist in Japan is very hard. I will skip all the details, but you need the following skills and experience: Connection to publishing company (or have published a book); Working (or Have worked) at acclaimed media company; and a background in journalism studies or related majors.]

ABC News report

Needs of business partner & financial supports

While struggling with exhaustion from East Japan Great Disaster updates, YokosoNews started suffering financially.

Originally, YokosoNews wanted to have the business model of membership (like US non-profit broadcaster), advertisement and consultation services to other companies for foreign marketing.

Conducting business meetings, running editorial and managing web servers consumed a lot of time before the March 11 East Japan Great Disaster. But doing everything myself for a long time afterwards, I reached the burned out point with the workload.

So now I would like to look for a person and/or businesses who can help restructure the business model of YokosoNews.

In order to conduct emergency reports, not only East Japan Great Disaster, but also Typhoon Reports, you need to be able to stand-by 24/7, and that means there is the need of financial support.

For instances, when Typhoon Guchol approached Japan from June 18-20, 2012, I had to clear all my schedule for two days reporting the incidents. During East Japan Great Disaster in 2011, I worked for a month reporting the incidents without any financial support.


Where we are: the initial plan

For several months I've been looking for the potential business partner. It is hard. I need to come up with more practical plans.

Unless there is your help for YokosoNews, for now we have to stop providing the emergency updates; We will stop pursuing YokosoNews as business; We may take a break from producing YouTube / Ustream live stream.


The plan and help needed

If you believe that YokosoNews live casts, emergency updates and other articles are of benefit and worthwhile to you, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Of immediate need is a business partner who can manage YokosoNews.


Business / Financial Partner Wanted

If you or know someone, (or company), who (which) can support the venture of YokosoNews, please let us know.

FYI, I'm not looking for "micro-funding" such as Kickstarter. Kickstarter is only designed for "projects" in the smaller budget. Even if we are able to collect funding, I will need a business partner who can manage it. Therefore, I would like to find the business partner first before micro-funding.

If you know other micro-funding project which actually help start the company operation, please let me know


Volunteer Writers Wanted

For now, Katz is thinking about converting YokosoNews from a business to non-profit, and hobby venture.

Whether we conduct YokosoNews as business or non-profit, we still need more writers for YokosoNews.

If you're interested in Japan and share your expeerience, I welcome people to contribute and share the joy of Japanese cultures. And you don't have to be in Japan to become a contributor.

You don't have to be in Japan. You just have to have the love for Japan.

Please, if you are interested, understand that we won't be able to pay any of the expenses at first. But you may be able to get compensated in the future as your articles becomes famous.

Click here to read more for the detail.

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Thank you for taking your time reading this personal letter from Katz.

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