* This program was broadcasted in Japanese. For English description, please scroll down.


YokosoNews 編集会議 in ロス



Part 1 -  YokosoNews概要・Katz留学談義

YokosoNews の概要・Yutakaさん自己紹介、24分目あたりから、Katzの留学談義:留学するきっかけと留学開始まで。



Part 2 - Katz 留学・ロス就職・YokosoNews始動まで




Part 3 - Japamerican 企画、英語と日本語どっちが大事?

Yutakaさん、持込企画、Japanamerican 企画会議。Yutakaさん日本語で放送したい。Katzは英語で放送したい。英語と日本語どっちが大事なのか対談。








YokosoNews.com の「ダダ漏れ・ハリウッドの日本人俳優たち」に参加していただいた出演者の一人、豊さんが、YokosoNewsのプロデューサーになってロサンゼルスからリポートしていただくことになりました。


YokosoNews.com は日本に関する情報を英語で世界の人にプロモートして行こうと始まったソーシャルメディアです。




YokosoNews Editorial Meeting in LA


Japan Standard Time

12:00pm - Saturday, May 22, 2010


Yutaka Takeuchi is our new member of YokosoNews. Since his appearance at "DadaMoré Japanese Actors in Hollywood", he shows Katz the strong interest of YokosoNews and volunteer to be a producer for YokosoNews streaming program.

Yutaka is from Tajimi, Gifu, Japan. Gifu is in Tokai region of Japan. And YokosoNews's headquater, Yokkaichi-city is also in Tokai region.

Katz and Yutaka is from the same Tokai region. We could do something in Tokai region.

We got so many to discuss, but why not broadcast this editorial meeting via Ustream, so that the people in Japan can understand what we will do especially the people in Tokai region.

We want to broadcast this in Japanese so that Japanese people will understand why Katz wants to start this English program.

* This porogram was broadcasted in Japanese. Katz recognize that YokosoNews needs to out-reach Japanese people in order to proceed this project.


The Summary of Broadcast

Part 1 - The Katz's Journey to the US

In part 1, We began talking about brief introduction of YokosoNews and Yutaka Takeuchi, Katz started talking about how he decided to come to the US and pursuing to be a filmmaker.

Katz had been filming since the age of 3. He couldn't think of anything else but becoming a filmmaker. And the expenses of living in Tokyo and living in LA are the same. So Katz wanted to come to LA for the better chance.

Yutaka questioned Katz. Although the financial figure comparison sounds very reasonable reason for Katz to come to LA, the language and cultural barriorr could be very hard for some people.

Katz briefly explained his relationship with his grandmother. His grandmother was once working as English translator right after the World War II for Japanese government. Although he couldn't completely speak English at that time, he believed that he still has her genes, and he would be able to speak English.


Part 2  - (Cont'd) Katz's Journey to the US, the setback, and JapanExp and YokosoNews

In part 2, they continued to talk about Katz's experience in LA. How he graguate from the college, started working as independent filmmaker, mainly as location sound engineer, or sound editor. Eventually, Katz found himself working for a publishing company. But the combination of unforunate circumctances, he had to come back to Japan.

After coming back to Japan, he came up with the idea of JapanExp and YokosoNews.

For more detail about the beginning of YokosoNews, please watch "The Beginning of YokosoNews".


Part 3 - The real Editorial Meeting - Why only in Japanese? Why only in English?

The last part of the video finally reached today's main topic of the show "Editorial Meeting In LA".

Yutaka volunteered to be a producer for YokosoNews.

He wants to feature Japanese peopple living in Los Angeles to talk about their success story in Los Angeles.

And he wants to focus on the people from Tokai region of Japan, where Yutaka and Katz are from.

Yutaka wants to start this project in Japanese. But Katz really wants to bring everything in Japanese.

Because Katz belives that there is strong demand for the people from all over the world that the peoiple wants to know about Japanese culture in English.

Yutaka wants to focus in Japanese first, and then English. But Katz explains why we should focus on English contents, and not Japanese contents.