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Let's have fun! Contributors wanted!

YokosoNews welcomes you to contribute and share the joy of Japanese cultures.

Since this is completely volunteer base, there is no compensations.

Why contributing YokosoNews?

YokosoNews gangThere are many people who are interested in Japan. But we've realized that there is no place to share the experience.

You can have your own blog or YouTube channel by yourself. However, the people prefer to come back to the place where the contents are being updated frequently. It's very difficult to keep updating and keep entertaining your readers by yourself.

Or it may be difficult to keep up with the latest technology to have a blogs.

Do you have your own blog or YouTube channel? why don't you post your articles or video to YokosoNews, it would help more people.

Do you have any ideas, thoughts, experience that you want to share with other people so that other people would benefit, but don't know how?

We would like to form the community of Japan loving people to share the ideas by writing, creating the online contents with the simple love of Japan.

If you're the professional writers, editors and creators who love Japan, please use YokosoNews as the place to showcase your work.

If you live in Japan, would you want to share your experience? By reporting with others, you may be able to experience something special.

If you live overseas but involved in Japanese stuff, please share your experience. We have people who're fluent in Japanese. We can tell Japanese people about you.

Watch Katz why he wanted to start YokosoNews.

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Who we are looking for?

Contributing volunteer writers should be those:

Required Skills

  • Who love Japan 
  • Who has time to write an article approx. once a month 
  • Who can communicate via email, Facebook and/or Skype 
  • Who can resize image, understand "pixels" 
  • Who can write/communicate in English (perfect English is not necessary) 
Takenoko Digging


Optional Skills

If you have the following skills, it's a plus

  • Who can take pictures
  • Who can draw 
  • Who can shoot and edit video clips / upload onto YouTube 

Behind the scene of Dr. Shinsaku


Topics to Cover

For the following topics. All topics has the certain relationship with Japan.

  • Travel 
    • Hotel, Ryokan, Hot Springs 
    • Spots 
    • Festival (Matsuri) 
    • Tips 
    • Gifts 
    • Others 
  • Lifestyle 
    • Living in Japan 
    • Apartment 
    • Moving tips 
    • Relationships 
    • Boyfriends/girlfriends 
    • International marriage 
  • Art 
    • Art exhibit 
  • Culture 
    • Japanese culture 
    • Japanese tradition 
    • Religion as culture/tradition 
  • Study 
    • College / University review 
    • Japanese language lessons 
    • Vocational school review 
  • Food 
    • Food review 
    • Cooking recipe 
    • Restaurant review 
    • Snacks 
  • Fashion 
  • Entertainment 
    • Japanese movies (or Japan related) 
    • Japanese music (or Japan related) 
    • Japanese books (or Japan related)
    • Video games
    • Events
  • Other news and topic about Japan 

Please, if you are interested, understand that we won't be able to pay any of the expenses at first. But you may be able to get compensated in the future as your articles becomes famous.

Please fill out your application below, we'll invite you to a closed Facebook Group to for discussion, and we'll issue you an ID and Password to submit an article to YokosoNews.


We value your copyrigt but we would like to share it

Your creative writing, if possible, we would like to make it as Creatice Common license 3.0 Share-alike, non-commercial.

So what your idea can be shared with a number of people. If you want to know more about it, watch Katz's video about copyright.

We will be selling advertisement on YokosoNews website because a web server cost money. However, we will never sell your own writings or work without permission.

Once we start making more revenue than the cost of the server, we'll start sharing it with the writers!

Apply to become a contributor


Click the image above to apply if you're interested, or please suggest or recomment the others to apply to join the YokosoNews / JapanExp.ORG!