About JapanExp

Inheriting the DNA from Los Angeles' oldest entertainment weekly since 1967, JapanExp is a new social media aiming to "Express, Explorer and Export Japan". We are looking for anybody who are interesting in getting involved in any ways - writing article, being a host, contribute new technology for the site.

As its first project, JapanExp launched YokosoNews.com to introduce travel, culture, lifestyle and entertainment about Japan.

Although we said anybody can get involved to YokosoNews contributing articles, we just launched in April, 2010. So we don't have much to present the contents yet. Sorry~.

If you are interested, please sign-up your email (bottom of this page), become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. We are broadcasting how we will be running JapanExp on Ustream!



About YokosoNews

"Yokoso" means "welcome" in Japanese.

YokosoNews is social media about Japanese culture and entertainment. Its focuses are travel, culture, lifestyle and entertainment about Japan.

Anybody can be part of YokosoNews by joining JapanExp.org.